Jr and DD fixing the rider scrubber...

 Welcome to the Custodial/Maintenance Website

We are a proud team of facility maintainers and cleaners who recognize that success in the classroom starts with a well maintained and cleaned school.  Our custodial team along with our maintenance crew work hard to clean and maintain our facilities.   Should you ever need any information about our team and the service we provide we encourage you to contact us at 989-466-7544.   If you have an emergency please contact Mick Koutz (989-388-2907) or Brent Clark at (989-388-3708).  Additional emergency service is available by contacting the City of Alma Police Department (911). 

Registered users needing to create a work order may click here Create a Work Order.   If you are not a registered user please contact Janah Aldrich (989-466-7544) who will input your request.

Please feel free to visit the entire web-site and should you have any questions please feel free to contact us